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MyCurrency Bank demonstrates a leading corporate citizenship strategy that is based on our vision for building stronger communities. This approach is known as the MCB Community Blueprint, which allows us to support a wide range of community initiatives through donations, sponsorships and volunteer activities. It also allows you to earn money on the internet with no investment at all.
Our focused approach ensures that we:

Why Use MyCurrency Bank

All of us have some spare time which is not used productively. It may be just 5 minutes a day or more. How would it feel if you can start to earn a small amount of money from this spare time. MyCurrency Bank Service shows you how to do that HERE.
Do you need help from the community for that basic survival of yourself. MyCurrency Bank Projects will allow you to get that little bit extra that you want. HERE

Different Options of using the Service
Earn Cash

Want to earn cash with little or no effort? Then worry no more!

It is not quite simple to earn cash via digital currencies and then convert them to your local currency for cash. It is quite easy to earn about US Dollars 300 or more per month for very little time. All you need to do is the following.

Become A MyCurrency Bank Volunteer

When someone applies to start a project, we would like to validate that the information supplied is true and this is not a case of some scam. The work of the volunteer is to evaluate the project before the same is uploaded to the MyCurrency Bank Website.
We currently have a number of volunteers in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Romania, UK, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain), USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, Egypt, Qatar, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana.
If you would like to contact us please do send us a email with your details and why you want to be a Volunteer.

Raise Funds for a Project

Are you looking to raise funds for yourself or for a charity. This service will allow you to raise these funds

  Project Heading                                 
Suresh Agrawal
Roadside Tea / Coffee Service
Ngeno Charity
Dairy Goat to poor farmers
United Kingdom
Comic Relief 2015
Help people living tough